Video Kemesraan Deddy Corbuzier Dan Anaknya Yang Bikin Kita Terharu.

Video ini dibuat sang anak, Azka Corbuzier, melukiskan kebersamaan bersama ayahnya, Deddy Corbuzier.

Begini nih ungkapan cinta Azka, kepada ayahnya…

My favorite person is my dad because he always bring me to school, wake me up, play with me, read with me, pick me up from the school, watch TV together, make me sleep, watch me play and always give me all I want.

I love him as big as the universe even bigger than the universe.
He has been teach me how to write, how to talk, how to respect and how to care each other.

he sometimes mad at me because I’m a naughty boy but now I know why he is mad at me me because he love me.

if he’s not mad at me I don’t know what I will become… he’s the best dad that I ever met in the universe my dad is called Deddy Corbuzier.

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